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What Will You Bring to the Table?

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More than 1 in 5 kids in the U.S. don’t know where their next meal is coming from. Thanks to YVC of Muskogee and YVC of Western Connecticut, a few of those kids may have a hot meal to look forward to.

YVC of Muskogee and YVC of Western Connecticut both joined in on generationOn’s campaign “What Will You Bring to the Table” to help feed as many families as possible. GenerationOn coordinated an effort for thousands of youth throughout the country challenging them to raise money for 1 million meals. Youth outdid themselves again and shattered that goal to raise a total of 1,465,597 meals throughout the country.

Both YVC programs received a $250 grant from generationOn to help them buy project supplies to help spread the word about childhood hunger and help solve the problem. This enabled them not only to bring their ideas and resources to the table—they also built the table itself!

Here’s what they accomplished:

YVC of Western Connecticut:

YVC of Western Connecticut also built their own picnic table—which now serves as a meeting table in the United Way of Western Connecticut’s office.

YVC of Western Connecticut held a booth at a local grocery store to collect donations of canned food.

They also spent a day at a local nursery encouraging gardeners to plant an extra row of their crop to share with local food pantries and soup kitchens.

YVC of Western Connecticut raised over 350 canned food items that will be donated to help alleviate hunger in their community.

YVC of Muskogee:

YVC of Muskogee built a picnic table that they would use to collect donations at the local farmer’s market.

They made a banner with a huge sandwich on it to show the progress of the national drive and colored in sandwich slices to illustrate how they were reaching the goal.


They encouraged community members to either bring donations of canned goods or sponsor jars of peanut butter or jelly.

YVC of Muskogee raised enough goods to donate more than 600 meals to their local food bank.

Thanks to both YVC of Western Connecticut and YVC of Muskogee for their great work!

YVC Awards

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We think that every single one of the 270,325 Youth Volunteers who have served with YVC are awesome. But some youth go above and beyond and really make a difference in their communities with YVC.

We’ve launched three awards to honor these amazing Youth Volunteers for their service to their communities:

100-In-1 Award

Dedicating 100 hours of service to your community in the span of one year is an amazing achievement. A very small percentage of YVC Youth Volunteers complete 100 hours in a single year, and we want them to know their hard work is noticed and appreciated throughout the YVC network. For this award, we consider a year to be the YVC program year–beginning of the school year through the end of summer.

Ethic of Service Award

Imagine volunteering all day, every day for three months straight. The Ethic of Service Award acknowledges youth who have served at least 500 hours with YVC over their career–which is the equivalent of three months straight. Very few people devote 500 hours of service to their community over the course of their entire lives, and the Ethic of Service Award recognizes those extraordinary individuals who reach this special milestone before even turning 19.

World-Changer Award

Anyone who has volunteered 1,000 hours has undoubtedly touched many lives, and we believe they have made a true impact in their community and the world. We can only imagine the total impact they will have on the world beyond their service with YVC. Very few Youth Volunteers in YVC’s history have served 1,000 or more hours with YVC, and we want to honor this incredible accomplishment.

See YVC Awards for more information on these awards.

How many hours have you served with YVC? Are you going to earn one of these awards this fall?

YVC of Hampton Roads – Art out of Cans

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Last weekend was a busy weekend for YVC programs all over the U.S. and Canada celebrating Global Youth Service Day and showing how youth can help change the world even in one day. YVC of Hampton Roads focused the day on bringing awareness to hunger in their community by hosting a Canstructure contest. You won’t believe the works of art that youth put together to alleviate hunger in their community!

Youth held food drives in their schools and raised more than 10,000 cans of food for the local food bank. But they didn’t stop there. They took these donated foods and held a contest between the different schools represented to see who could create the best structure out of the donated cans.

The theme for the contest was “Worlds Discovered in Literature,” so they brought the food to the local mall and set up their working stations there to create some amazing works of art out of donated food that focused on a piece of literature. Meanwhile, all of the customers of the mall got to admire the Youth Volunteers’ masterpieces while learning about the hunger problem in their community.

You’ll never believe that these pieces of art were made purely out of canned food:


If you happen to be near Hampton Roads, Virginia the next few days, head to Patrick Henry Mall to see them. They’ll be dismantled and the food will be taken to the local food bank on Monday, May 6th.

Congratulations to the youth involved for your beautiful canstructures and, more importantly, thank you for providing some much-needed meals to the hungry in your community!

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