Typical teenager? I’m far from it!

Korrine Nelson is just one of thousands of youth who’ve had the opportunity to give back and make a difference in their community through Youth Volunteer Corps (YVC). Read her story below and help YVC by making a donation today.


When I was 13-years-old, my mom lost her job and my family was thrown into a state of financial insecurity. I was forced to sleep in other people’s homes, eventually living in a homeless shelter for three months. I depended on charity for basic essentials like food, clothes and shoes.

Eventually, I began volunteering with Youth Volunteer Corps (YVC). Now I identify with the people I serve on a deeper level than most. I’ve found that I like to work with the less fortunate. I have a unique perspective: I’ve gone from having money to needing donations, and now being stable.

Four years ago I became an integral part of YVC. Now I serve as president of the Youth Advisory Board.

As you make your year-end donation decisions, please consider including YVC in your gifts. YVC youth – from all backgrounds – are giving to their communities through assisted living facilities, food banks, animal shelters and river cleanups. And young people like me become givers rather than receivers.

Connecting youth. Improving communities. Changing lives. It’s what we do at YVC. And I hope you’ll join us.

-Korrine Nelson


Since 1987, 300,000 youth ages 11 to 18 have served nearly 5 million hours at YVC projects. Will you give our youth your support through a donation to YVC? Your generosity can change a life.

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