In March, we challenged Youth Volunteer Corps Alumni to fill out our Alumni Registration Form! Alumni from across the United States and Canada participated in the challenge –  YVC Youth Volunteers, AmeriCorps Members, Team Leaders and Program Directors from the past 30 years decided to reconnect with YVC and their fellow alumni. They also told us about the impact that YVC made in their lives!


Meet Kaylin Shelley and Katja Lemermeyer, the Growing the Alumni Network Challenge Winners:


Kaylin Shelley – Alumni from YVC of Cedar City, Utah

What she’s up to: Studying nursing at Southern Utah University to become a Humanitarian

How YVC influenced her: “Because of YVC, I have a full ride scholarship that has nothing to do with academics and everything to do with character, leadership, and service.  I wanted to find a career where I could serve all the time.  Unfortunately, if I am always volunteering then I won’t get paid.  So I decided to become a nurse and gain a specific skill set and also get paid a decent amount so that I can afford to go on trips to serve people.  I love service, I always have, but YVC really solidified that love.”


Katja Lemermeyer – Alumni from YVC of Calgary, Alberta

What she’s up to: Studying the International Baccalaureate Program at Pearson College United World College of the Pacific

How YVC influenced her: “YVC really opened up my eyes to how volunteerism and service can be a way of connecting people. My YVC helped me build connections with youth outside of my high school and from all areas in Calgary, and then being on YVC’s International Youth Advisory Board broadened those connections to be with youth across the U.S. and Canada. These sorts of relationships definitely helped prepare me for when I came to Pearson College and became a part of such a diverse international community– I think having a broader idea of what service can be helped me realise that it looks different in every community and country. YVC was also where I first began volunteering with community gardens, showing me the power in sustainable living in fostering a sense of community. I am planning to spend several weeks this summer in the Canadian Rocky Mountains working with community gardens and other sustainable food-related organisations, which is something I was directly inspired to do from my time volunteering with YVC”


If you’re a YVC Alumni who missed out on the Growing the Alumni Network Challenge, it’s never too late to fill out the YVC Alumni Registration Form! Our alumni are a valued part of the YVC family, and we would love to reconnect with you, hear your story, and give you the opportunity to network with other fellow alumni – be sure to register today!

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