Every day youth are making a difference through YVC in communities across North America. But one day each year, we get the opportunity to serve together even while spread across the U.S. and Canada

This year, YVC Day is taking place March 3, 2018. The theme, Building Bridges, was chosen by our International Youth Advisory Board. All YVC programs are invited to plan a YVC Day project aimed at identifying and bridging the dividing lines that separate their community. These projects could include:

  • Revitalizing a public space
  • Working with kids, including sports activities, tutoring, crafts and more
  • Organizing a food drive to feed the hungry
  • Working with people with developmental disabilities
  • Educating the community about important issues through skits and other community activism

Of course, this is a broad theme and creativity is encouraged! Taking a look at your own community, where do you see lines of division being drawn? Age, race, socioeconomic status, around people with disabilities, under-resourced community members, immigrants or refugees? Any project that helps your youth volunteers build a bridge between themselves and someone who is different than they are, is the goal.

Please begin planning your YVC Day projects ASAP and download this helpful toolkit produced by the International Youth Advisory Board.

Want to join in? Find your local affiliate here and contact them to learn how you can make a difference today?

Youth Volunteer Corps, 1025 Jefferson St., Kansas City, MO 64105

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